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Why Reupholster?

If your old sofa looks as though it's on its last legs, don't be too quick to discard it.       
Resourceful homeowners are discovering that many old pieces have a value you
can't   buy today. And they are restoring them through re-upholstery. The
economics of re-upholstery works for them too. For dollars and cents it can be one
of todays best buys.

The Value Is In The Frame

If your old sofa (or chair) has a good frame, it's well worth re-upholstering. A
frame is the essential element in the structure and if it's solid, there is no point
going and buying a new one. So, what is in a good frame? One that is made of
hardwood, such as Oak, Alder or Maple. Hardwood is strong and has longevity. A
clue is its weight. Hardwood is heavy. That is why furniture salespeople  will
often lift up one end of a sofa when showing it to a customer. They are
demonstrating the frames weight. And the frame is what your upholsterer can
check out.

The Art of Re-Upholstery

Building on your old frame (where you save big dollars)
the upholsterer re-ties the springs, puts in new webbing,
all new padding and fills and totally re-creates the sofa.
This is all hand work involving a high order of skills.
What you get back is a piece of furniture in the class
of custom made.

The Fabric Advantage

A significant advantage in reupholstering is fabric
selection. You choose from a practically panoramic range
of colors and textures. So you can find just about any
fabric, and any price to fit any decor.
Project of the month!
Here is our project of the month! We had a client who wanted some custom bedding made. She had the
duvet, throw pillows, all the shams and dust ruffle made by Keplers! We also made her the custom
headboard shown, as well as the bench at the foot of the bed!

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